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Thinking of giving your loved one birthstone jewelry? Here is a list of birthstones:

January - Garnet
February - Light Purple Amethyst
March - Blue/Green Aquamarine
April - Diamond
May - Emerald
June - Pearl
July - Ruby
August - Light Green Peridot
September - Blue Sapphire
October - Multi-Color Opal
November - Golden Topaz
December - Turquoise or Blue Zircon


World Media Completely and Utterly Incompetent

The world media is purporting that the United States of America is dying on the vine and bankrupt. Calling them a Paper Tiger like the Chinese did a couple of decades ago. Where is this garbage coming from? Al Jazeera? Indeed that is one source, but other World News is starting to echo these sentiments. Here is what some people actually think;.Cathy states; "Fact #4.

The US economy is bankrupt, the "military" a paper tiger, internally socio-economic malaise is quite evident everywhere.".This is shear and utter hokum as we can defeat almost any military on the Planet in about 100-hours or less, and we have no formidable enemies, as they are all trading partners and or allies now. Nevertheless Iran wishes to challenge the United States and we are getting these folks around the world starting to believe their own rhetoric.

Now they are saying the US is bankrupt.In reality our debt is less than 2.39% of GDP, it is not worthy of discussion. Further if we cut off Canadian purchases then I bet we could use that money in-country to further build up our already robust economy with the lowest unemployment of any nation in the World. In the world young lady, so needless to say, well that fact was just butchered to heck by the myth busters? Consider this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.WorldThinkTank.


By: Lance Winslow

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