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Thinking of giving your loved one birthstone jewelry? Here is a list of birthstones:

January - Garnet
February - Light Purple Amethyst
March - Blue/Green Aquamarine
April - Diamond
May - Emerald
June - Pearl
July - Ruby
August - Light Green Peridot
September - Blue Sapphire
October - Multi-Color Opal
November - Golden Topaz
December - Turquoise or Blue Zircon


Stress and Osteoporosis Help For You

What is osteoporosis?.It literally means porous bones and develops when the process of bone remodeling becomes unbalanced. Old, worn out bone is naturally reabsorbed by the body and new bone should be produced to replace it.

However, if not enough new bone is produced then your bones start to become thin and brittle.Amazingly enough it is a largely preventable disease.Some UK statistics are quite frightening -.

  • at least 3 million people suffer from it
  • one in two women
  • and one in five men are likely to suffer a fracture after the age of 50
  • it affects younger people too
.Here are some helpful tips to help stop you becoming one of the statistics.
  • Take regular exercise which stimulates the formation of new bone
  • High impact is best
  • Try
  • aerobics
  • gymnastics
  • netball
  • dancing
  • racquet sports
  • jogging
  • skipping
  • Eat calcium rich foods
  • These include
  • dairy products
  • green, leafy vegetables
  • salmon/pilchards (tinned and with bones)
  • eggs
  • nuts, seeds and pulses
  • white and brown bread made from fortified flour

  • Get enough vitamin D
  • Summer (15mins) and winter (30mins) sun will help your vitamin D levels
  • Good foods include: oily fish, eggs, butter, fortified milk, and fortified margarine and spreads.
  • Eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day
  • these foods contain important bone micronutrients
  • Avoid canned and fizzy drinks which contain phosphoric acid
  • they may cause a loss of calcium from your bones
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol
  • Avoid aluminium based antacids
  • These impair the absorption of phosphates and after 10yrs regular use, double the likelihood of hip fracture

  • Cut back on salty foods/salt intake
  • table salt increases the loss of calcium through your kidneys
.Stress can be a factor in increasing our chances of suffering from osteoporosis in the future.

I have taken this information from my website on stress. I deal with health issues and how they relate to stress and would like you to pull up a chair, relax and learn more about stress and how you can improve your life and health. http://www.

stress-anxieties-solutions.com The Health Stress page has information on osteoporosis but also lots more health issues which can only help you relieve the stress you may be feeling in your life today.

By: Christina Vickery

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