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Thinking of giving your loved one birthstone jewelry? Here is a list of birthstones:

January - Garnet
February - Light Purple Amethyst
March - Blue/Green Aquamarine
April - Diamond
May - Emerald
June - Pearl
July - Ruby
August - Light Green Peridot
September - Blue Sapphire
October - Multi-Color Opal
November - Golden Topaz
December - Turquoise or Blue Zircon


Improvements in Hydrogen Generator Technology

The new generation of hydrogen generators comes with extremely high purity devices, that are safe and that present no danger to the environment. They are the best alternative to gas cylinders, and they are simple to use anywhere. The hydrogen generator just needs to be plugged in the electrical supply and it is ready to go.The hydrogen generator need of course a source of distilled water, or just water at some models, to produce hydrogen, because it separates the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water, thus producing highly pure hydrogen for weeks.

These hydrogen generators can generate hydrogen that is 99.99.% pure, giving over 1000 cc/min, and they do not require changing their cylinders. The safety of the hydrogen generators has been certified.How the hydrogen generator works may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, for example some models use a solid polymer electrolyte to separate oxygen from hydrogen, which makes them more safe than other models that use a caustic liquid electrolyte.

After the hydrogen is generated it passes through a palladium membrane that lets only 99.99.% pure hydrogen pass through, thus insuring the gas' purity.

In conclusion, the latest generation of hydrogen generators brings some series of improvements that makes it extra reliable, with almost no need of maintenance or downtime. The best way of increasing the safety and lowering the costs in your laboratory is to acquire a hydrogen generator, and you can be sure that the investment is worth it, because you will no longer have to buy hydrogen cylinders, so the hydrogen generator will pay for itself in a year or two.Many new-generation hydrogen generators can be found on the online market, so choose one that fits your needs, because a large variety of hydrogen generators is available, with many built-in functions.

.This article is written by Grosan Fabiola. Link advertisment by Business Content Dyrectory.

If you would like to find more information about Chemical Generators and especially about Hydrogen Generators please follow these links.

By: Groshan Fabiola

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