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Thinking of giving your loved one birthstone jewelry? Here is a list of birthstones:

January - Garnet
February - Light Purple Amethyst
March - Blue/Green Aquamarine
April - Diamond
May - Emerald
June - Pearl
July - Ruby
August - Light Green Peridot
September - Blue Sapphire
October - Multi-Color Opal
November - Golden Topaz
December - Turquoise or Blue Zircon


Conspiracy Theorists Out in Full Force What Now

Well, the 911 conspiracy theorists are out in full force and at this time a group of academics and professors who have publicly criticized the Bush administration have said that the 911 international terrorist event was in fact a secret covert operation by the United States government to help control the American people and expand the government's control over the civilization and society.In fact these conspiracy theorists and academic professors have put together a video and a huge report citing all the possible discrepancies and even many news reports, which they believe indicate that some of the details were covered up. It is interesting how these conspiracy theorists who complained about the mass media hysteria in the chaos and controversy reported by the media is false in all regards, yet when it comes to 911 conspiracy they used the use the media stories as their basis for their very elaborate conspiracy theories.

It seems rather odd that they go to this length to try to prove that the twin towers were brought down by demolition rather than two jet airplanes crashing into the sides. They even claim that no airliner hit the Pentagon, but rather it was a UAV that was radio control by Tele-robotics and flown into the Pentagon by the military itself. The 911 conspiracy theorists are out in full force and they are out to convince you that the United States government was behind 911. Please consider all this in 2006.

.Lance Winslow.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow.


By: Lance Winslow

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